Old wine 2023

A film by: Zuhair Mousavi
short fiction 15'

synopsis: Sabira, an Afghan refugee woman after spending 1 year in France, can apply for her husband to join her in France. At the same time her classmate in her French language class tells her that he is interested in her. 

The Bloody Peace 2020

A film by: Zuhair Mousavi
short fiction 11'

synopsis: Mohammad see his father's murderer, who was a commander of Taliban, but now he joined the peace process and has been forgiven and also living near to Mohammad's house. now Mohammad can not forgive him...

shelter 2019

A film by: Zuhair Mousavi
short fiction 08'

synopsis: A Shelter in Afghanistan leases its girls to the rich and power brokers for sexual abuse.

le mirage 2015

A film by: Zuhair Mousavi
short documentary 15'

synopsis: the mirage is a short documentary film about an afghan refugee (Zaman) who lived in France for four years as a refugee but his request for being a refugee has been rejected twice and the third request is the last chance that he has if he reject this time he has to go back to Afghanistan and Zaman don't want to go back to a country that he escaped from.