Old Win

"Old Wine" stands as the highly successful inaugural edition of the cinematic (audio-visual) workshop organized by Kophen Films. Conducted in 2022-223, this workshop brought together the creative talents of Afghan refugees and resulted in the production of a compelling short fiction film, spanning a duration of 15 minutes.

As the film now sets its sights on national and international film festivals, it aims to captivate audiences worldwide with its poignant storytelling and cinematic excellence. The heart and soul of "Old Wine" lie in the training and guidance provided to five Afghan refugee participants during the workshop's first edition. These individuals were immersed in various sectors of filmmaking, including photography, videography, editing, visual storytelling, film production, and set design. The workshop empowered them with essential skills, opening up new horizons for their artistic endeavors.

Written and directed by the talented Zuhair Mousavi, "Old Wine" sheds light on the experiences of Sabira, an Afghan refugee woman who has spent a year in France. Her journey takes an unexpected turn when she becomes eligible to apply for her husband's reunion in France. Simultaneously, a classmate from her French language class confesses his feelings for her, creating a complex web of emotions and choices.

"Old Wine" delves into the themes of immigration, love, and the pursuit of a better future. With its compelling synopsis and the skilled direction of Zuhair Mousavi, this film promises to engage and provoke thought, offering audiences a glimpse into the lives and struggles of refugees.

As "Old Wine" ventures into the world of film festivals, Kophen Films takes immense pride in the achievements of its participants and the collaborative efforts that brought this remarkable story to life. The film stands as a testament to the power of artistic expression in raising awareness and promoting empathy for the refugee experience.

Stay tuned for updates on the journey of "Old Wine" as it captivates audiences at prestigious national and international film festivals, sharing the stories and talents that emerged from the Kophen Films' cinematic workshop.

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Behind the scene of the "Old Win"
First edition of Kophen Films workshop 2022-2023